NuGlow Basic Beauty Care

Nuglow skincare is all about taking utmost care of the largest organ of the body-the skin. Health and beauty experts say that keeping the face clean is an important step to maintain the skin’s yonuglowyouthfulness.

Here are the basic steps to get healthy, bright and blemish-free skin. Beauty specialists would like to remind consumers to make sure their hands are clean first to reduce the risks of passing on more dirt onto the face.

  1. Cleansing – removes dirt, make-up and oil that could clog pores. Experts suggest that consumers should look for one that fits their skin type and gentle enough in order to prevent skin dryness.
  2. Toning- facial toners are intended to get rid of all make-up residues, surface dirt and other skin impurities that may cause blemishes and spots
  3. Moisturizing- this is the final step to the basic care regimen,to ward off skin breakouts and soothe skin. Regular use of a nighttime moisturizer leaves the skin feeling silkier and smoother.