Do Inversion Tables Help Back Pain Like Teeter Hang Ups

For relief of your back pain, there are many available treatments and medications you could use. An inversion is one of these remedies and you can have it and get your treatments at the comforts of your home at your most convenient time. Many prefer this option for treating their back pain as they no longer need to rely on synthetic drugs which can cause side effects that could be harmful to the body so they could preserve their health as well as it become more expensive over time.

It Helps Correct Posture

Poor posture could lead to pains in your shoulders, neck, and back. Your posture could affect your overall appearance. Good posture improves your overall appearance and your total health as well. When the spine is not properly aligned, this will lead to severe pain, especially when it has been kept that way for a long time. It will be harder to correct and realign your spine as well as it could cause several internal problems in the process such as problems with the ribs or stomach. Constantly using inversion tables will help straighten your spine by using gravity and with proper positioning could improve your posture significantly as well and will eventually eliminate the pain you experience in your back every day.

Disc Alignment

A slipped disc surely causes great back pains because of the pressure being experienced by the sciatic nerves. While some medications or treatments could be inconvenient or provide side effects or discomforts, inversion table helps you relieve your back pain while it helps to gently pull back the discs back into their proper places in your spine. Inclined inversion tables provide relief to the pressure on the vertebrae and the discs instead of lying flat on your back. This is because of the traction effect that is overwhelming the muscle tensions of your back.

Relieves Muscle Tension

The common cause of back pain is the muscle tension. Whatever you do in life, you work in the office, you are a fireman, an athlete, a factory worker, or whatever, tension on your muscles could be too much to handle and cause contractions. Inversion tables allow the muscles to relax; to stretch without being pressured. In doing so, the pain brought about by the muscle tension eventually disappears. Inversion tables like teeter hang ups allow muscle relaxation throughout the body instantly as the body settles onto the gravitational pull.

Relieves Spinal Pressure

Gravitational force helps reduce the pressure exerted on your spine, thus relieving back pain. When your body is inclined or in upside down position, your body is against the gravity and this causes muscle contractions while putting much strain on the spine. As you lay your body on the incline, your body weight reverses gravity and decompresses the spine.

Complete Wellness

Pain can incapacitate you, especially if it constantly occurs. Inversion tables are not only helpful in relieving your back pain but most body pains including joint pains and even headaches.

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